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Emulation Programming

Link Description A high level overview of how emulation works Guides to writing emulators for a couple of systems Space Invaders + Chip 8 emulator guide; plus includes basic math/knowledge (i.e. binary, hexidecimal, program counters) - definitely recommend Playstation 1 emulator guide in Rust; the guide is in LaTex format; I've compiled it to a pdf here Emulation development community

Playstation 1 Dev

Link Description PSX programming using SONY's official dev kit (psyq). Windows only though, and officially only XP and earlier, but some stuff works on Windows 7/10 Introduction to psx PSYQ sdk on modern windows OS Open source psx SDK Playstation 1 information and some low level PSX code Collection of psx dev info and examples Lots of other PSX dev links PSYQ Tutorial Youtube Playlist



Link Description Babylon.js (WebGL library) tutorial WebGL tutorial Authord of some WebGL books; also has some WebGL samples

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)

Game/Graphics Books Lists

Misc Game/Graphics Programming

PSP Programming

PS3 SPU Programming