Fluxbox is a window manager for the X11 window system that I use and enjoy

What makes Fluxbox so awesome is that, besides being so lightweight, it's extremely customizable via a collection of text files, located in your home directory - this makes playing around with your desktop fun and easy

To see what I mean, check out this article, and the Arch Wiki Fluxbox page

However, because Fluxbox is purely a window manager, not a desktop environmnt, it doesn't come with many of the tools you might expect out of a computer, such as a file manager or a click-and-choose background setter.

In particular, I wanted to be able to see the image I was choosing before setting my wallpaper with fbsetbg, fluxbox's command line wallpaper setter. This motivated me to create the following:

A frontend for 'fbsetbg' using gtkmm, similar to nitrogen - currently allows for background scaling options as well (-f, -c, -t, -a)

Screenshot of fbsetbg-gtkmm:

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