Why Triangle Meshes?

Triangle edges and face normal

Back faced normals are culled (not drawn) based on winding order: whether the vertices are defined in clockwise or counter-clockwise order

Coordinate Spaces: Model Space/Local Space/Object Space

Coordinate Spaces: World Space

Light-Object interactions

Light can be:

Sub-surface scattering: light enters and object, bounces around, then exits at a different location and angle. Gives skin, wax, marble their warm appearance

Vertex Attributes (possible data included for each vertex)

Gouraud shading

Texture Types



Lighting Models

Phong lighting

Bi-directional Reflection Distribution Function (BRDF)

Light types

View Space/Camera Space

Perspective and Orthographic projection

Orthographic Diagram Orthographic OpenGL Matrix Perspective Diagram Perspective OpenGL Matrix

Depth Buffering/Z Buffering

Rendering pipeline stages

GPU pipeline

GPU Pipeline Diagram

Alpha Blending

Heterogeneous System Architecture

Non-heterogenous shader memory (registers)

Anti-aliasing types

Application stage of rendering pipeline

Scene Graphs

When to use a scene graph

Advanced lighting

Global Illumination

Deferred Rendering

Physically Based Rendering

Particle Effects







Gamma correction

Full screen post effects

Further Reading