Sound Signal Signal Period Sin and Cos

Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

Audible Frequency Band

Sound Wave Propogation and Fall off Propogation

Interference/Superposition/Comb Filtering

Dry, Wet, and Reverberations

The Doppler Effect

Perception of Position

Continuous and Discrete Time Signals

Linear Time-Invariant Systems (LTI)

Unit Impulse

Convolution/Impulse Response

Fourier Transform and Complex Notation

Microphone Polar Patterns (input/sensitivity Regions)

Low Frequency Effects (LFE)

Amplification/Gain and Volume control

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sound signal

Rendering audio in 3d

Representation in the world

Pan and Constant Power Law

Sound Propogation Modeling


Sound Portals

Audio Engine Architecture and Pipeline

Audio Engine Architecture

Aux Send

Reverb Tank

Pre/Post send filters

Master mixer and output bus

Digital Busses and Latency

Sound Cues and Groups


Instance limiting

Game Audio Features

Character Dialog System

Context/Regional sensitive dialog

Music Stinger