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In order to get larger OBJ files to work, with indices greater than the max of unsigned shorts (0xFFFF), we need to be able to use gl.UNSIGNED_INT as element index types. This type is natively available in WebGL 2. To enable webgl2, I added "webgl2" as a getContext argument option in ../lib/webgl-utils.js:

var names = ["webgl2", "webgl", "experimental-webgl", "webkit-3d", "moz-webgl"];

When creating the webgl index buffer, use a Uint32Array:

var indexArr = new Uint32Array(this.vertexIndices); gl.bufferData(gl.ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, indexArr, gl.STATIC_DRAW);

When drawing via indices, use: (in OBJModel.js)

gl.drawElements(gl.TRIANGLES, this.n, gl.UNSIGNED_INT, 0);

Most OBJ models from

Woman GLTF model from

For GLTF parsing, the format is described here, while I found how to convert the base64 buffer data string to a Float32Array() here